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Rose leaves become yellow

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A week ago, we had a frost in the Jacksonville area. I lost some tropical plants I had forgotten to protect. Too bad.
All my roses seemed to be OK, but in the last few days I noticed that for some of them, leaves tend to become yellowish or even a part of the leaf turns out brown. I assume all this is related to the frost, but am I right?

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2018-01-29 19:29:15
I think you are right but I don't know a thing about roses.
ray guillebeau
2018-01-29 18:30:59
I live in the west side of Jacksonville. Many of my rose leaves look like that. Its just frost damage. That combined with a little black spot and just older leaves. Seeing that on the leaves does not indicate that the overall plant was damaged by the cold. Regardless, they will not hurt your plant and will just fall off.

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